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Cesar has his own column in Elle Belgium Magazine. This is his first one (June 2010) and it's in dutch. Unfortunately, I only understand bits and pieces. But I believe most of the stuff he writes about is also on his personal blog.

There is more!

Another thing, while looking for Cesar's column I found a video/interview of him done by Elle Belgium. It is about his model life and you get to follow him, casting agent Nathalie Joos and brand manager Michael Arts. I never seen this video before, but after watching it, it does give me a better understanding of how certain things work/go in the Fashion industry.

To watch the video "Three Belgians in New York", click on the link below:

Again this is in dutch. To quote Cesar;
"It's never been a dream for me, but it is a dream job. It's super to be able to travel around."

"Sometimes I do feel rather small and lonely cause the city itself is so big and has such an impact on you."

"A Top model.. what is a Top model really.. I mean.. The only difference between the female and male models is that female models are more known and the male models stay unknown."

"It is a fun job to do, your traveling a lot, meeting a lot of people."

"It is hard to do castings and end up being disappointed, that they didn't cast me. That is something I find difficult, just the insecurity."

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